Concern Over the Ogaden Territory

Concerns Over the Ogaden Territory

 African Rights Monitor-ARM


Adminstrative-map-of-OgadenThe ruling authorities of Ethiopia have a longstanding history of violation of human rights in the Ogaden territory, a homeland of Somalis under Ethiopian rule, also known as the Somali State of Ethiopia. The people of this territory have been subjected to different alien administrations and ensuing oppression for nearly a century. The Ogaden territory is in Southeastern Ethiopia and borders the Afar region and Republic of Djibouti to the North, Oromia in the West, Somalia in the East and Kenya to the South. An exact census cannot be completed due to the lack of good governance and extreme conflict in the region, but estimates of the population in Ogaden are around seven million people in an area that is approx. 400 000 km2.

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