The Ways to Optimize Online Payment Safety Measures

Today, online payment safety is turning into a serious issue. It happens to be the case due to the increasing amount of goods and services that you can purchase while staying at home. So, your money and identity can be approached by thefts on the Internet easily. To address this issued, there are many ways to partially or completely hide your personal data.

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

A disposable or single-use credit card number can be defined as a one-time replacement of an actual credit card. If something goes wrong, you can just dispose it and receive a new one. This type of credit cards does not involve any extra safety policies compared to physical cards. A virtual card number protects you only on the first line of defense, so scammers will get the details of your one-time use credit card instead of your actual card data. The utilization of disposable numbers looks reasonable in the following cases:

  • Online shopping;
  • Subscription services;
  • Pocket money for kids, etc.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets contain the details of your card in a safe place. When you proceed with an online payment, a one-of-a-kind token is issued to replace your real bankcard number. The concept of their work is close to the one of disposable cards. Unfortunately, there are no many merchants that accept digital wallets.

Instant Credit Cards Numbers

Particular card issuers provide instant credit card numbers that operate straight after approval. American Express, USAA and Capital One are the major issuing bodies that grant such numbers to all of their cards, while other options give these numbers only to their particular cards.

Masked Card Services

These online services aim to mask or code the details of your online payment. The major idea is that they attach a VCC to your real bankcard or to the particular fund.  Considering the performance characteristics of a specific service, there can be different packages and methods. The common thing of all masked card services is the high level of your card data security.

Ezzocard Virtual Prepaid Cards

Actually, this type of cards is an smart option in regards to safety and confidentiality concerns:

  • Ensuring your full security;
  • Maintaining your full anonymity;
  • Keeping your ID information secret without asking any extra documents;
  • Being used for verification of various accounts (PayPal, iTunes and others);
  • Being suitable for online shopping;

Ezzocard does not ask you just to buy a one time use visa card online as it offers a long-term payment mechanism with a wide range of all necessary characteristics.

Closing Note

The above-mentioned online payment safety measures have their strong and weak sides. Before choosing the most appropriate option, you should conduct thorough research.