The Neurosphere LLC team supports young scientists, researchers, engineers and new companies

On November 10, 2015, Neurosphere LLC opened. It was created by a group of research scientists, the main idea of which was to plunge into the world of artificial intelligence, which everyone can use.

Attempts to create the artificial intelligence has started since 1943. For many decades, scientists from different countries have put forward their theories about this innovation, put forward ideas and ways to create smart equipment. A breakthrough was the work with a neural network, which is a mathematical model in hardware or software implementation. The network works according to a simple principle – the connection and interaction of interconnected processors.

Over the years, it has managed to reach incredible heights in development, but the question of how to teach robots to adapt to the environment and, based on the data obtained, make rational decisions, remained unanswered. The specialists of Theneurosphere LLC managed to develop a unique platform that allows training and subsequent adaptation of neural networks. Thanks to this research, it became possible to introduce artificial intelligence into the daily life of everyone, giving mankind the opportunity to use their time and energy more efficiently.

what does neurosphere company do

In addition to major achievements in science, The Neuro Sphere LLC team supports young scientists, researchers, engineers and new companies who wish to devote their business to the development of artificial intelligence and work with neural networks. The company is happy to share knowledge and publicly present its researches. Scientists are confident that cooperation and support of startups will provide an even greater inflow of useful ideas and information, which will provide real scientific breakthroughs, and people will be able to entrust a number of tasks to artificial intelligence, dedicating their energy to those cases where a hand and rational thinking of a person is needed.

Thanks to support of Theneurosphere LLC, many startup companies and researchers have managed to get funding to implement their projects on training and programming neural networks.

Published on 8 December 2018