Hottest Russian Olympians

by N.A. Egal

A  freelance writer.

July 27, 2018

Athletes are always highly respected for their sports achievements. But when they also have a stunning look, people are literally fall in love with hot males and females or their appearance to be more accurate. Today we will talk about the most good-looking female athletes as well as their appearance. Let us figure out whether these people are worth our attention. And, of course, who you are to support on the next Olympics. What is more, we will tell you if they are able to become our Russian brides. Go on reading, fans of good sports and hot looks!

Anastasia Bryzgalova

According to Dailystar this lady curler rocked the Olympics. Even though Russia didn’t win a thing in curling, she was spoken about extremely widely. Definitely not the less than the winners. You may wonder what all the fuss was about. Well, just watch the video how she masters curling. What comes to your mind at first sight is, of course, her face. Many mass-media are sure this is the successful combination of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie with some Slavic features, of course. All the men who by chance came across curling with Russia playing are now the huge fans of curling. We are sure that the most passionate ones even looked for her figure without that sexy sport suit on YouTube. Anastasia on ice or Anastasia in a swimsuit on the beach. It is up to you to choose the better look. Meanwhile, try to spend 5 minutes reading the curling rules in case you wife becomes suspicious about your fanatics.

Sofia Fedorova

This blondie snowboarder who appeared at the Olympics for the first time blew the Instagram. Just look at these cute freckles on her nose and red lipstick. To say nothing about the way she looks in that snowboarding suit standing on that surf board. Unfortunately, she has never been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Maxim, or Playboy. Therefore, the single place you can find this talented athlete is basically the sports events. We were thrilled to see her at the recent Winter Olympics but now you can watch her mastering the skate and surfboard.

Olga Kharlan

According to Sportster she is the hottest fencer from Ukraine. She took part in the Olympic Games since 2008 and is the World Champion. When you hear about fencing you don’t usually consider it as a sexy sport. However, Olga Kharlan proves the opposite. It isn’t likely you will see her much somewhere outside the Olympics, especially nowadays, as fencing is not as popular nowadays like football. Still, on the occasion feel free to cheer for her!

Yelena Isinbayeva

Almost 300K subscribers isn’t for nothing. To get that you at least have to break 28 World records in pole-vault, earn 6 Championship titles, win 2 Olympic gold medals. Oh, and win the multiple Female Athlete of the Year title. The brunette, loving wife, mother, and extremely sexy brunette. Her eyes are as big and as blue as two oceans in Russia. Still, she never uses her appearance to draw the fans’ attention. This is simply unnecessary. She’s done many photo shoots, but, fortunately or not, never became the mainstream star in Russia and over its borders.

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