Factors that Contributed to the Appearance of Online Casinos in Finland

Modern technologies are developing at a rapid pace. Things that looked like something surprising and unbelievable only yesterday have already become widespread. A little more than 20 years have passed since the advent of the Internet, but the virtual thread of the global network has already managed to firmly tie together every inhabitant of the planet. The World Wide Web opens up a lot of opportunities for the user to study, work and, of course, leisure. There is entertainment for gamblers – online casino games, which you can choose.

If before an avid gamer had to visit the corresponding institutions, today there are many online opportunities, for example, you can play online casino. But where did it all begin? Learn about history and development of gambling.

Some Facts from Online Casino History

Gambling establishments appeared on the Internet almost simultaneously with its emergence. Playtech is considered the pioneer in the field of online gambling. The company opened its first online casino in 1996. A year later, the bookmaker also began to operate, which gave an incentive to shareholders of large-scale companies to revise the potential of the virtual market.

For this reason, in subsequent years, companies developing software for virtual slot machines began to adapt existing products, as well as create radically new ones. All this led to the huge popularity of this segment.

In 1999, gambling manufacturers such as Cryptologic, Microgaming, and Starnet Communications were already quite successful and managed to win the love of players from all over the world. At this moment, the newly minted Playtech company joined these giants. As soon as she entered the virtual gambling entertainment market, she immediately rose to the level of its strongest participants. But the company did not stop there, intending to win the lion's share of the new market. This prompted manufacturers to enter into a real struggle for primacy. Each of them was in constant development, continually perfecting a whole segment with its own aspiration. This led to an increase in the assortment, an increase in maximum wins, as well as an improvement in the conditions of the game for users.

Today, the virtual gambling industry has reached its zenith in its development. Players are offered an extensive assortment and great opportunities.

3 Areas the Advent of Online Casino Is Associated With

The advent of online casinos is associated with three different areas. The first is the development of the gaming industry, which announced itself in the mid-1970s in land-based casinos. Over time, the slot machines began to be equipped with new software, gradually replacing the old-style electromechanical machines. Updated slots had the best (at that time) computer graphics and used computer processing of information. In the seventies, software was also developed for blackjack strategies using professional card settlement systems. The development of gambling software in a regular casino served as the first impetus for further development and improvement in this direction.

However, at that time there was not enough “mechanism” that would connect the computer network to the main server and use the game applications stored on it. This problem was completely solved with the development of the Internet. In the early 1990s, the Internet became a widely available tool that was originally used as a means of communication. Users could connect to the Internet from their computers and communicate by sending messages. However, the latent potential of the network for other areas of life soon became apparent.

The third factor was legislative mechanisms. This happened in 1994, when the small island state of Antigua and Barbuda adopted a decree allowing the legalization of the online casino industry and the issuance of licenses. So the first laws for the gambling industry appeared. Antigua and Barbuda and today remains one of the most attractive and popular locations for the development of the gambling business.

Now, it only remained to combine these three mechanisms together. Microgaming is the first company to develop online gambling software. It was founded in 1994 and is located on the Isle of Man. However, this software did not have a key component, without which the casino could not become full-fledged - the security necessary for conducting financial transactions on the Internet. This missing item was provided by Cryptologic, a company based in Ireland in 1995 that developed network security software. So the first electronic payment systems that could be used in online casinos began to appear. In 1996, the world saw the first InterCasino online casino developed by Cryptologic.

Since then, the gaming industry in the network began to develop rapidly. And now every adrenaline-seeker can play his/her favorite games from the comfort of home.